Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy insurance for my Sports Memorabilia Collection? Are my Sports Collectibles not covered under my homeowner’s policy?

A typical homeowner’s policy is designed to protect your home and its contents, usually limiting coverage of sports memorabilia to a maximum amount, typically $1,000 or less. So if your collection is valued more than that, you won’t be able to replace it with a similar item. Stadium Insurance will provide coverage for most causes of loss, with a minimal deductible, so you can protect your sports memorabilia without worry. That means, in the event of a fire, water damage, or it’s stolen, you’ll be compensated in no time at all, so you can purchase another sports collectible exactly like you had.

Are there deductible options on my policy?

Yes, the deductible options start at $0 and you can choose higher deductibles for lower premiums.

A sports memorabilia item I purchased has recently gone up in value. Does my policy protect against inflation and value increase?

If the market value of the sports memorabilia item covered on your policy has increased before a loss, we’ll pay the market value at the time of loss – up to the scheduled item limit and subject to the overall policy limit. This is subject to the maximum amount of coverage of your sports memorabilia collection. However, as each piece of sports memorabilia is unique and values fluctuate over time, we recommend periodically tracking the market value of your sports collection so that you're best protected.

Do I need to get appraisals to insure my sports collectibles?

Appraisals are not required, however items valued at 10% or more of your policy limit or exceed $25,000 must be authenticated. Stadium can assist in getting your items authenticated through our partnerships with industry leaders.

An item in my collection was stolen and Stadium issued a check for the total covered amount. Do I have the opportunity to buy the item back if it's recovered?

If Stadium recovers a stolen item, we will offer you the opportunity to buy it back at the same amount that was paid out at the time of loss. Should you prefer to keep the payout, Stadium will retain the item.

What if my collection is stored at multiple locations?

Coverage can be provided at multiple locations in the United States. You must notify Stadium Insurance of each individual location and they must be listed on your policy declarations.

Are items in my collection covered when I am traveling with them?

Transit coverage is provided for collectibles that are temporarily away from scheduled location(s).

Are items in my collection covered when shipping?

Stadium will cover your collection when mailed to a buyer and while in transit to and from the premises of the authenticating or grading service or a pre-certified auction house by common carrier up to 10% of the "limit" per mailing. Items must be shipped by registered/certified mail with tracking and signature confirmation upon receipt, and must be packed in accordance with the authenticator, grading service, or pre-certified auction house's guidelines.

What do I need to submit a loss/claim?

All claims require proof of loss and should be reported immediately. It is important that you maintain records, inventory, pictures/videos, receipts, and/or authentication. A police report is required for any items lost to theft.


The following are a list of excluded from our coverage: Government seizure or destruction of property; war and nuclear hazards; gradual deterioration such as fading, creasing or denting; nesting, infestation or discharge or release of waste products or secretions by insects, rodents or other animals; dampness or dryness of atmosphere; changes in or extremes of temperature other than fire; fraudulent, dishonest or criminal acts; voluntary parting with covered property; loss or damage while being worked on by you or others working on your behalf; and mysterious disappearance. This is not a complete list of exclusions.

What is the difference between a dealer policy and a private collector policy?

A dealer policy is required if any of the following apply to you:
  1. You are a member of trade societies or associations where membership is dependent upon your commercial (dealer) status and the material you are insuring represents your dealing stock;
  2. You own (or are listed as a dealer in) a website dedicated to the buying and selling of collectibles and the Property/Interest you are insuring represents your dealing stock;
  3. You derive your primary income from the trading of collectibles and the material you are insuring represents your dealing stock;
  4. Your customers buy and sell goods from you in accordance with your “Terms of Trade” conditions and the goods you are selling represents your dealing stock

What does Stadium Insurance Insure

Stadium Insurance covers a wide range of sports memorabilia (such as sports trading cards, autographs, game used apparel and equipment and other miscellaneous sports related collectibles).

The following categories of collectible properties are ineligible for coverage: fine art (non sports related), jewelry, watches, furniture, comic books, coins, stamps and other collectible categories not considered sports memorabilia.

Can I cancel my coverage at any time?

The policy can be cancelled at any time during the policy period with the insured's written request. In the event of cancellation by the "insured" the earned premium shall be calculated as follows: If insurance has been in force for more than 12 months, earned premium shall be calculated on a pro rata basis from the first anniversary date. If insurance has been in force 12 months or less, a short rate table will apply to the full annual premium

Is Stadium Insurance an Insurance Company?

Stadium Insurance is a managing general agent (MGA), which is a specialized type of insurance agent that has been granted underwriting authority by an insurer, and can administer programs and negotiate contracts for an insurer. Stadium Insurance manages all or part of the insurance business of an insurer and acts as an insurance agent for the insurer, while working as the intermediary between carriers and agents, and/or insureds.

Stadium Insurance is supported by an insurance company that is rated A- (Excellent) by AM Best.

What additional fees and taxes may I be responsible for?

Policy Administration Fee: A fully earned policy fee of $10 will apply to New Business and Renewal Business for personal collectors and $50 for dealers. This fee covers additional expenses accrued by Stadium Insurance.

Surplus Lines Taxes, Stamping Fee, and Other Miscellaneous State Fees: Most states charge an insurance premium tax to insurance companies to do business within their borders. This amount varies by state and will be disclosed in your quote.

Monthly Service Fee: A $3 service fee is added to all installments for customers that choose to pay monthly rather than in full at the anniversary date.

Insufficient Funds Fee: A insufficient funds fee of $25 will be assessed whenever a debit or credit card transaction is unable to be processed due to the lack of sufficient funds or credit limit.

Non-Payment or Reinstatement Fees: If a non-payment of premium notice is issued, but a premium payment is received before cancellation, a $10 late fee will apply. If a policy is canceled then reinstated, a $10 reinstatement fee will apply.

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